My Passion

To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality.


I was just an average person. It took me over six years of my life with many ups and downs to succeed. Today I own several companies and managing new global projects.


Giving back, seeing people smile are the best feeling in the world. Just for giving them hope and support, you can change their minds and lives immediately. You should do it to!


Since my childhood, I traveled with my parents all over the world. Today nothing changed, except I’m old enough to travel alone. I love to explore the different culture, food & lifestyle in the different countries and its always a pleasure to meet new friends.

"It’s not the money that counts. It’s the freedom."



Andre Unsoeld


André is a young and energetic Entrepreneur, Investment Guru and a  Blockchain Enthusiast. With the very young age of 16, after finishing successfully from the Business College in Germany, he started his own IT business and founded his first company.

At the end of 2012, he came first in contact with the Blockchain Technology and Bitcoins. Just two years later, he already earned a seven-figure income in CryptoCurrency. In the Year 2014, he started also a career in another sector called Network Marketing. He touched many people lives by his success stories and help them to reach their goals in an unbelievably short span of times.

Today he operates in multiple business sectors, managing several companies and actively participating as a supporter of charities.

"You will never be successfully, if you care what other people thinking about you!"
Andre Unsoeld